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Switchable privacy film

Switchable Privacy Film is an intelligent window film that comprises of pioneer technology to upgrade retail and other commercial interior environments. It is designed to be applied to almost any interior glass and engineered for trouble-free maintenance. This makes retrofitting existing space with new levels of functionality easier than ever.

For office spaces this film can enhance interior spaces by switching from transparent to a beautifully frosted opaque, with just a click of a button. In its fully opaque turned-off state, the system can double as a whiteboard surface that can be easily written on and erased.

The film enables retailers to transform transparent windows to dynamic advertising displays and enhance consumer engagement while differentiating with a WOW factor!

Switchable Privacy Film allows you to:

  • Enjoy flexible use of open-concept space.
  • Include privacy as an aesthetic component in an interior design.
  • Enjoy erasable whiteboard functionality.
  • Impress onlookers with on/off transformation.
  • Incorporate innovative technology into the work environment.
  • Connect to smart home apps.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Low energy consumption.


Easy operation icon

Easy operation

Can be operated very easily.

Dynamic Privacy icon

Dynamic Privacy

Fully integrated solution for dynamic privacy.

Retrofitting icon


Ability to retrofit on any existing interior glass.

Click of a Button icon

Click of a Button

Excellent transparency and clarity when ‘on’, discreet privacy achieved when ‘off’.

No Transition Time icon

No Transition Time

Virtually instant on-off switching.

Replacing icon


Easy replacement when required.

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