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Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes Film with its special self-adhesive treatment is designed for lamination and profile wrapping not only on flat surfaces but also on irregular surfaces, saving time and cost. With possibilities ranging from walls, elevators, doors, ceilings, furniture, and more for all the different applications of this material

  • Eco-Friendly : An eco-friendly surface finishing material that puts the health and safety of customers as the top priority.
  • Economical : Simple and easy installation compared to the traditional finishing materials. These can be easily repaired or removed, partially or as a whole piece.
  • Convenient : Excellent flexibility and adhesion, which allows the perfect finish to curved areas and complex shapes.
  • Durable : Highly resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching. And also very stable even when exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures.
  • Creative : Create your own space with the various patterns and colors of these Surface Finishes Film, such as wood grain, metallic, and leather.

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